“Karaneh to Karaneh Pars” Consulting Engineers Company has started its activity since 2006 in consulting road construction projects and related structures. The main activity of the company is designing and supervising the execution of stairs, roads, tunnels, metro stations and other special structures.

During its last 24 years as the technical manager and engineers of Hexa Company, the technical personnel of the company have been responsible for the design and implementation of many large construction projects. One of the main goals of Karaneh Company is to provide plans that can easily meet the needs of employers in line with the latest design and implementation methods in accordance with the conditions of the country. For example, we can mention the promotion of prestressed concrete box bridges with the method of balancing beams, which could solve the problem of bridge construction with medium spans. In order to achieve the above goal, the small company ensures that by maintaining communication with Iranian and foreign experts, consultants and scientific institutes, it always uses the most appropriate design and implementation methods in the country.